Dj Booth:

Dallas rapper Bobby Sessions, Paul Rosenberg's first official signing as the CEO of Def Jam, has unleashed “Like Me,” a gutting new single—his first on the label—that will make your jaw drop and your head nod.

Opening with an airtight and focused flow, Sessions’ clinical precision on the mic is offset by the camp of his inflections—call it laughing off the pain. Over a whining bass line, the single embodies everything we love about hip-hop: punchy, poignant, political, and powerful.

Bobby Sessions doesn’t let things get heavy-handed. The hook is simple—all the right words in all the right places—and plays like the foul end of an acid trip. “Things don’t look good if you look like me, like me, like me,” Sessions croons until his voice descends to a demonic pitch. His scathing howl finally reaches a reprieve once his voice cracks and a mellow synth lead replaces the static cacophony.

“Like Me” is Sessions’ first single under the Def Jam banner, one that will set him up for a potentially prolific tenure.